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Jasmine Revolution (feb. 2011)


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Roki’s Cutting Art Show 2011 @ Eijiu
Oct.10(mon holiday) - 15(sat)

About Roki
Roki was a black cat I got him in Sidi-bou-side Tunisie 1994 spring.
He was new born cat almost 7days old or younger.
I was travering to Spain to search to live somewhere in the world when I found him.
I have just my suitcase and myself, no house, no job, no friend… because I had devosed.
Why I had to save a dying baby cat? It seemed too hard to keep it for me.

After all, I gave him some milk and… unexpectedly a name come down my heart “Roki”.

Then He came up a “super” travering cat. We were best cupple until he had die… in Japan 1999.

When I began Kirie art, I choose my art name “Roki”. It is so sad and sweet name.